Ask Captain Paul

Wanted: waypoints for Black Bay, EI 51

Dear Capt. Paul:

Do you have a file for Black Bay and Breton Sound? If so, I would greatly appreciate a copy.Also, I noticed on the Mapsource Topo map that there is a rise in the sea floor from about 7 feet to 3 feet to 0 feet about 2.75 miles WSW of the Black Tanks at N 29 30.056, W 89 26.915.[…]


Boys of summer are on the beach

Summer’s here. Surf’s down, dudes!

As summer goes on, the surf along the entire Gulf of Mexico becomes more consistently calm. That is, until tropical storms enter the picture. Since that’s not likely until August, seize the days and make them count.[…]


When Bulls Fly

The sultry morning air enveloped the pair of anglers even before the 24-foot bay boat skidded to a stop. Both smiled as they realized that the small but intense rain squall seemed intent on keeping its distance a few miles offshore.[…]



Catfishing is one of Louisiana’s most popular pastimes. For generations, we have pursued Mr. Whiskers with traps, nets, yo-yos, rod and reel, and old-fashioned cane pole. Today, more and more fishermen are trying an old, but relatively unknown, method — jugging.[…]


Life is Hard

The briny deep just off the fertile Louisiana coastline is full of big fish, so much so that its anglers, for many years, spurned the use of live bait to catch prized species such as yellowfin tuna, amberjack, cobia and wahoo.[…]