Prime time sight fishing for redfish

August was dismal and wet, but September has seen more sun than the equator. The blue bird, bright sunny days we’ve been having bring out record-setting heat waves.

The good news is, redfish love the sun, and they aren’t bothered by the heat. And these sunny days make redfish stick out like a sore thumb to anglers.

We’ve been finding these fish while targeting heavy vegetation, especially off the ICW, Pearl River, and Chef Pass areas. Our main goal is to find shallow duck ponds without too much grass.

While we haven’t been seeing a ton of reds, the ones we are seeing are plenty aggressive. They act mean and angry when they see the Matrix Craw, and what they do to these lures is not kind or gentle. Check out the latest Dockside TV episode to see for yourself. And make sure to subscribe to see all our sight fishing videos.