Nighttime fishing for chinquapin

Panfish aficionado Glynn “Catch” Cormier reminds anglers not to overlook the species’ after-hours potential.

Maybe it’s a light/dark thing, or perhaps a particular forage becomes more accessible in the darkness — either way, you’ll enjoy the redeye flight to redear bliss.

“We used to go to the False River at night, and I’d catch (panfish) until 11 o’clock at night,” Cormier said. “Most of what I’d catch at night was chinquapin.”

The same probably applies anywhere the fish roam; but, as McCarty noted, not all chinquapin habitat welcome nighttime anglers as graciously.

“With all the mosquitoes we have in the Basin, I think I’ll pass on the night fishing,” he chuckled.

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