Best tactics for bedding chinquapin

When chinquapin move in shallow to spawn, the ensuing game of tempting and taunting them to bite can become much like bed fishing for largemouth bass.

Sometimes fish promptly pounce on nest intruders; other times, you’ll have to put a little more time into the ruse.

Unlike the bass work, the menu of bed-fishing baits appropriate for redear sunfish is limited. However, an open-minded approach to common panfish bait affords multiple options.

Berkley Powebait Power Wigglers are packaged in segmented strands, similar to sausage links. Typically, anglers pinch off a link or two at a time and fish them like maggots on small hooks.

Next time you find bedding chinquapin, pinch of a four- to five-link section of Power Wigglers and fish them as one worm. Wadding them around a hook point mimics natural wiggler worms, with the clear advantage of superior durability.

In other words, you won’t have to rebait after every bite.

When scattered weeds or other bottom snags persist, Texas rig the string of Power Wigglers on a long-shank hook. Be sure to leave a link or two below the hook for enticing action.

Take this a step further and add a split shot right above the hook, and you have a modified shaky head rig. The added weight also helps with casting on windy spring days.

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