How to properly rig a Keith Poche Power Spinner

Before putting the worm on a hook, Keith Poche uses his teeth to bite about ¼-inch of plastic off of the worm’s tail (the smaller end). Then he simply screws the corkscrew on the Keith Poche (KP) Power Spinner into the bitten end of the worm.

A critical point in rigging the power spinner in a worm is to place the hook further back in the worm than is done with other rigs. “The fish focus on the spinner so they hit the back of the worm.

“I am convinced that not knowing how to do this cost me the 2012 Bassmaster Classic on the Red River. The fish were really eating it; they wanted it. And I was the only one using the lure.

“But I kept missing them. I saw 5-pounders sharking it and then I’d lose the fish. I came in third place.

“It didn’t occur to me what I did wrong until months later.”

1. Bite about a ¼-inch off the smaller end of a worm, then screw the KP Power Spinner’s corkscrew into the bitten end.

2. Work about 2 inches of worm onto the shank of a 5/0 Gamakatsu offset shank worm hook before exiting the worm’s body with the point of the hook.

3. Push the worm 1 ½ inches up the line, past the eye of the hook.

4. Bury the tip of the hook in the worm’s body to make the lure weedless. Because fish focus on the spinner and hit the back of the worm, the hook is placed further to the rear than it would be for a Texas or Carolina rig.

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