Black Gold

Gilbert’s James McMurray was getting worried. Deer season was ending and his freezer was sorely lacking packages marked “venison” to carry his family through the months ahead. […]


.17 HMR — New bang on the block

The snake was a moccasin, swimming downstream in what was called the “old” river — a channel off the Amite, running behind an elongated island. We were in Port Vincent on Butch Croom’s land. The lazy waters of the old river channel flowed behind the land with absolutely no discernible water movement. […]


The Cousin’s Tale

He missed the really exciting times in the swamp.

By the time he got out of the Army, back from Vietnam, and back in college, working on his graduate degree, it was several years after all the night hunting and control shooting had occurred. […]


Keep Your Powder Dry

I admit I was pumped. The prospect of taking a deer with my muzzleloader on video set pretty well with me.

I was hunting with good friend Luke Lewis on a hunting lease that is adjacent to Jackson-Bienville Wildlife Management Area south of Ruston. Lewis, a wildlife biologist, planned to video me taking a deer on video, and was all set to preserve my special moment for my grandchildren to one day enjoy.


Slack Busters

Robbie’s face lit up. His eyes bugged. A crazy grin creased his face. He’d just answered the cell phone from the passenger seat as we passed the Greater Macedonian Baptist Church on the way down to Venice. […]


2005 Duck Forecast

Monday, Nov. 7 — The jet stream, that great river of air that drives the continent’s weather, stretches in a mildly undulating line from Oregon to Maine, pushing storms and weather fronts from west to east across North America. […]


2005-06 WMA Forecast

That wildlife managers with the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and private companies are doing everything they can to enhance hunting opportunities on public land has never been more apparent than this year. […]