First Light

Boudreaux, Thibodeaux, I dunno

Usually when a hostess calls for “Jones, party of…” a dozen different people named Jones stand in unison. Not on the bayou. I haven’t met another Jones yet. But I have met a Thibodaux (heck, I live there, too), Boudreaux  and a passel of Zeringues. Seriously. […]

First Cast

Life is all about change

I met the Louisiana Sportsman crew in the mid-1990s at a Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association meeting in Monroe. I was a young, gung ho journalist new to the outdoor industry, having spent my formative days as a beat reporter for the Morning Advocate (now The Advocate) in Baton Rouge. […]

First Cast

Heroes live among us

The word “hero” is grossly overused today. If you pick up a stray cat and adopt it, you’re called a hero. If you feed the homeless, yep, you’re a hero. If you survived cancer, you can bet you’ll be hailed a hero. And if you care for someone with cancer — man, you’re headed for superhero status. […]

First Cast

LDWF’s red snapper stance a big step back

Change is inevitable when new administrations come into power. So it’s no surprise that Charlie Melancon, appointed head of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries by Gov. John Bel Edwards, is doing things differently than his predecessor. […]

First Cast

Whose water is it, anyway?

Louisiana is known for a few things: food, its laissez-faire environment, and its swamps and marshes. Those aspects of life in the Bayou State have always been intertwined, as inseparable as red beans and rice. […]