Our Other ’Hoos

Anybody who has wet a line past the breakers of our state’s barrier islands knows that the stakes go way up regarding the health of most all fish on the food chain. Safety in numbers is the motto for many kinds of baitfish, but speed is what most anglers find much different among the dozens of species seen on most excursions where water clarity is measured in feet rather than inches. […]

Bass Fishing

Creek Bound

A shiver coursed through my body as I stowed my gear in the cabin at Wildwood Resort, and the words of my editor sounded softly in the corners of my mind as I tightened my jacket. […]

Bass Fishing

Shroud of Mystery

Caddo Lake, a 26,800-acre unspoiled treasure shared equally by Texas and Louisiana, has been called “the most beautiful lake in America” as well as “the best big-bass secret in the South.” […]