Ask Captain Paul

Are Google coordinates accurate?

Dear Capt. Paul:

I like to find potential spots on Google Earth. I have heard that the coordinates from Google Earth can be off a good bit from what a GPS unit says if you are not using the right datum.Can you tell me what datum I should when finding spots on Google Earth?[…]


Duck Walk

I think I would have made a great colonist. Of course, I might not have liked actually being one back in the 1700s, but I think I could have at least held my own for a couple of days.[…]


Chief Ouachita

Troy Hibbard desired to be duck hunting the morning of Dec. 20, 1997, but he couldn’t put incredible deer sign he had found on the edge of Ouachita Wildlife Management Area out of his mind.[…]

Bass Fishing

Spin Doctor

Figuring he had it tied on to fool anybody who happened to be sneaking around in his camouflaged Triton aluminum boat, I half expected Eddie Halbrook to clip off the blue/white tail-spinner that was tied to the line on the rod that he handed to me.[…]