The Secrets of Seabrook

The New Orleans metropolitan area is ranked in the Top 50 cities in the country, with a population of about 1.3 million people. And situated in the middle of Orleans Parish, the waters surrounding the Seabrook Bridge (recently named the Senator Ted Hickey Bridge) make it one of the top inshore saltwater fishing areas located within the city limits of any major metropolitan area in the United States. […]


Winning the (gator) lottery

It’s a long boat ride down the Calumet spillway to the Atchafalaya Delta Wildlife Management Area’s Wax Lake Unit. It’s also a straight run, which makes it a perfect time for reflecting. […]

Deer Hunting

Growing a poor man’s food plot

These days, a deer hunter wears many hats — mechanic, butcher, biologist and farmer. The latter can take up just as much time as hunting does, and some folks dedicate thousands of dollars to growing food for their deer herd.  […]

Bass Fishing

Post-spawn particulars

Caleb Sumrall and Marcus Curry left the launch full of confidence. After a winter that saw horrifically cold temperatures, the water in the Atchafalaya Basin was hitting the 70s. […]