Features from September 2019

Columns - September 2019

  • Jerkbaits are great weapons for kayak anglers
    On a recent trip to a freshwater lake, Steve Savoye showed a technique he uses to get up close and personal hunting bass in his trusty pirogue.
  • Nose-hooked soft jerkbaits
    Try nose-rigged soft-plastic jerkbaits when speckled trout aren’t responding to traditional offerings. It can be the difference between success and failure.
  • Pencil Poppers
    This fisherman has been smiling ever since Cotton Cordell Lures downsized one of his favorite artificial lures for speckled trout: the Pencil Popper.
  • Rattlesnakes make a delicious dinner
    Venturing into the woods during the hottest months of the year can produce some delicious foods, but that is when the most dangerous animals are active.
  • Taking steps to stop CWD
    In an effort to stop the spread of chronic wasting disease, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission modified a law on deer-urine products.
  • The axis of bow accuracy
    Many archers still don’t realize how critical it is to properly level all three axes of their bow’s sight. Failure to do so can result in severe misses.
  • Where did all our big trout go?
    A subject that many trophy trout anglers across Louisiana continue to discuss is where have the big trout gone in Louisiana?

Outdoor Updates - September 2019

Field Notes - September 2019

  • An 8-legged threat to hunters
    It’s no surprise that spiders are a common culprit for hunters’ annual ailments in the field, some even resulting in hospital visits.
  • Cobia 101: Tips to hook up with lemon fish
    Call them lemon fish, cobia or ling, but their firm white meat is delicious, and right now is prime time to catch them off the Louisiana coast.
  • How to quick-tune your bow for hunting
    With bow season starting up in the coming weeks, it’s past time to shake the rust off and ensure you’re ready when that deer steps out on opening morning.
  • Top 4 teal tips to bag more birds
    Capt. Cody Obiol has guided teal hunts with Cajun Fishing Adventures for years, and shared his Top 3 tips to help you knock down more birds.
  • Top 5 tips for opening day of dove season
    Kelly Neuville, of Buckfins-N-Feathers, shared a few key tips to keep in mind if you’re scrambling to get ready for the opening of dove hunting season.
  • VIDEO: How to ‘quick-tune’ your bow
    With bow season starting up in the coming weeks, it's past time to shake the rust off bow and ensure you're ready when that deer steps out at 30 yards on opening morning. Even if you've been shooting on a regular basis, it's a good idea to take a few minutes to tune the bow.

Hot Spots - September 2019