Features from June 2018

Columns - June 2018

  • ‘Kid’-yaking: Create memories on the water
    There’s no better way to introduce kids to fishing than with a kayak. The solitude and close quarters allow for easy instruction and great conversation, with almost endless teaching opportunities. On quiet paddles, a wide variety of wildlife may be seen — as well as several different species of fish caught.
  • Former Big Lake guide displays big time cooking skills
    Rule No. 1 in our house is to never pass up a chance to put your feet under Mary Poe’s kitchen table. Her recipes appear in three of the six Louisiana Seafood Bible books, and they’re all great.
  • How to age white-tailed deer: Part II
    The key to aging yearling deer — deer that are 1 year old—  is the third premolar. The third premolar is a temporary tooth that has three cusps (or crests.) Both fawns and yearling deer have this temporary three-cusped premolar.
  • Prepping for fall hunting
    We find ourselves in the “in-between season.” Here in the Deep South, it is not only the season of insects, heat, humidity, snakes and poison ivy, but it’s also the season of summer food plots, bush-hogging and weed spraying.
  • Recreational alternatives to hook and line fishing
    The summer months offer excellent fishing in Louisiana. It is the height of the fishing “season,” and many of us get out there and do our best to procure the main course for a fish fry. 
  • Ride ‘em, cowboy
    Before Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits’ Cowboy soft plastic creature bait was unveiled at the 2018 Bassmaster Classic in South Carolina, a few bass anglers were fortunate to have Ron Colby’s latest creation.
  • Spoon-fed reds
    At the recent “Fly Fishin’ For the Mission” tournament held out of Pointe-aux-Chenes, my teammate Kevin “Doc” Andry and I started the day hoping to repeat as overall champions. 
  • Tenpoint adds a new crossbow
    As the majority of our hunting population ages, crossbows have steadily moved to the forefront of today’s archery market. 
  • The silver king
    When an angler sets a hook in a tarpon, there is an explosion. There’s no delayed action fuse in this fish. The water erupts and a platinum-silver streak shears the surface with the force of a depth charge exploding.
  • Waypoints for Hopedale/MRGO to Bayou Terre Boeufs
    This St. Bernard Parish area is one of the prime inshore fishing spots in all of the Louisiana coastal marshes, with many weather-protected fishing locations. 

Outdoor Updates - June 2018

  • Father/son team up for whopping 33-pound Toledo Bend stringer
    Derek Mong and his dad Dave have been fishing bass tournaments together since he was just a 4-year-old kid. 
  • Hunting and fishing license fee increase bill dies in House
    As the clock winds down on the Legislature’s regular session, Rep. Jerome “Zee” Zeringue confirmed to Louisiana Sportsman that legislation which would have increased hunting and fishing license fees for many state residents is officially dead this year.
  • LDWF: Still no CWD cases in Northeast Louisiana
    Almost 200 sample results have been received, and the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department  is reporting that none have tested positive for chronic wasting disease in three Northeast Louisiana parishes.
  • Potential No. 2-ranked atypical Louisiana turkey downed in West Feliciana Parish
    After a pretty intense game of cat-and-mouse this past weekend, Clint Gray and Eric Templet teamed up and eventually put down a six-bearded gobbler Sunday morning in West Feliciana Parish that, once officially certified by the National Wild Turkey Federation, will become Louisiana’s No. 2-ranked atypical gobbler in the all-time record books.
  • Two big bluefin caught out of Venice
    They say it’s better to be lucky than good. That was the case for four captains with Mexican Gulf Fishing Company in Venice on May 3 while they were wrapping up another successful yellowfin tuna trip about 35 miles south of Port Eads. 

Field Notes - June 2018

  • 7 easy tips to more casting distance
    Spinning tackle is the "go-to" for inshore anglers. It can be "tuned" to achieve maximum performance, resulting in longer casts and fewer wind knots.
  • How to create effective crappie brush piles
    When crappie finish their spawning rituals, they head to deeper water and look for two things: Food and cover.
  • Simple hack for cutting braided fishing line
    Braided line is a great "tool in the toolbox" for catching speckled trout and redfish. A lighter cuts braided fishing line quickly and conveniently.
  • Top 3 summertime bass baits
    For Bassmaster Elite Series pro Cliff Crochet, summertime fishing conjures up images of time out on the water as a youngster, making both early-morning and late-afternoon trips, and learning to throw a buzzbait with some parental input.
  • Top 3 tips for windy bass fishing
    The old wind machine has been cranked up and blowing for what seems like almost all spring, and hopefully now a more typical summertime pattern will take over.

Hot Spots - June 2018

  • Abundant grass perfect for sight-fishing reds
    Capt. Ty Hibbs is a sight-fishing fanatic. He takes clients every week to the fish-filled backwaters of the South Louisiana marsh, and not only has great success, but has a ball watching redfish engulf lures.
  • Conditions improving at Big Lake
    After a subpar year of speckled trout fishing last year at Calcasieu Lake due to seven flooding events, anglers are hopeful June’s fishing helps them forget about 2017.
  • Crappie making converts on Black Bayou Lake
    A few years back, the only time Randy Smith ever caught a crappie was by accident.  Now, he dedicates most of his time on the water chasing them.
  • Drown worms for D’Arbonne cats
    The summer months bring many things, but nothing better than the opportunity to go drown some worms and catch a good mess of Lake D’Arbonne catfish.
  • Find clean water for Delacroix trout
    The Mississippi River will be a key determinant on how the trout bite shapes up this month out of Delacroix, according to Capt. Mike Wittich.
  • Grand Isle wade-fishing
    Micah Doyle is a full-time student at LSU, but when he’s away from the classroom during the summer, he loves targeting speckled trout. The avid angler makes several trips throughout this month to get in on the wade-fishing action at the beach on Grand Isle.
  • Mississippi River level dictates June trout bite out of Buras
    With the Mississippi forecasted to still be up around 12 feet by the beginning of June, Capt. Curtis LeNormand said anglers will have to pay close attention to the river stage to get on a trout bite on the west side out of Buras.
  • MRGO rocks holding specks
    Veteran Shell Beach charter guide Capt. Jacques “Jakamo” Laboureur (504-303-1494) said, “To me, June means two things: One, fish the MRGO rocks, and two, fish the reefs in the big, fringe oyster-laden bays.”
  • Postspawn tactics for Toledo Bend
    After a prolonged cool and wet spring, I’m ready for the next season on Toledo Bend.
  • Specks ‘tearing it up’ at Grand Isle
    The trout spawn is happening now in and around Grand Isle, and speck specialist Tommy Vidrine said June is a great month to head to the island to get in on the action.
  • Take your pick out of Venice
    Offshore, Venice fishing got off to a slow start in 2018, but almost halfway through the year things are finally turning around.