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  • A crossbow built for supreme accuracy
    A little over a year ago, I heard rumblings that Matt McPherson and his engineers at Mission Crossbows were working on a revolutionary new crossbow design that would raise the bar for the entire industry. 
  • And the Flocky goes to ….
    As we do every year at this time, we recognize fly fishing achievements in Louisiana with our FLC (Fly Lines column) awards. 
  • Anomalies and apparitions
    B&C bucks are an anomaly, and often are apparitions.
  • Bayou catfishing
    Catfish are available in almost all freshwater areas of the state. Regularly caught in lakes, bayous and rivers, these fish provide great food and sport. However, they also provide an opportunity for kayak anglers to catch some true giants.
  • Crappie can be hard to figure out
    Winston Churchill coined the term “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” He was referring to Russia, but he could just as likely have been talking about crappie management.
  • January’s Best Bets
    This little lake in the Kisatchie National Forest near Alexandria is a hidden gem for kayak anglers. Motorized boating isn’t allowed, so the 46-acre lake doesn’t get much attention from bass anglers that fish in power boats.
  • Lost & found
    I don’t recall exactly who said it, but a famous outdoorsman once quipped that he had never actually been lost — but there had been times when he hadn’t known where he was for a few days. 
  • New gear reviews
    Kayaks are increasingly seeing double duty as great waterfowl hunting boats. While some kayaks are available in camouflage, the vast majority come in solid, often bright, colors. But Yak Gear has solved the problem of hiding you and the ‘yak from a duck’s great vision.
  • New Orleans girl crafts creative crab cuisine
    Two things quickly become obvious about Dana Ranna Venezia. She is a focused, highly organized person, and of all the things that she cooks, she loves crabmeat the most.
  • Rate that buck
    Well, we once again find ourselves at the close of another year and headed straight into the clutches of what passes for winter here in the Deep South. 
  • Spotlight on Myrtle Grove
    The Myrtle Grove area provides one of the most diverse spots for fishing in the Louisiana coastal marshes.  Wintertime fishing is great, but it also offers good fishing year round. 
  • The Super Sally
    For many anglers, especially in the South, there have been epic trips with lots of unforgettable “Sally Time.”

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Hot Spots - January 2018

  • ‘Stone’ cold crappie heating up Caney Lake
    When Jay Stone of West Monroe isn't in a duck blind in January, he'll be on Caney Lake chasing crappie.
  • Bayou Black bass staging for spawn this month
    Prairieville anglers Kurt and Adam Cook spend pretty much every weekend fishing together, and Bayou Black is one of their favorite wintertime targets.
  • Best Delacroix fishing is now
    Ray Chagnard rarely misses a week of fishing in Delacroix, and he said this is absolutely the best time to be there.
  • Cold-weather fishing at Catfish Lake
    Although the fishing can be great when hard cold fronts pass, there’s nothing like the action in-between fronts. It just doesn’t get much better when you’re whacking the fish, and the temperatures are also pleasant. 
  • Drawdown has Lake Claiborne on fire
    You might call it a “Winter Fire” fishing report. It’s definitely winter, but the fishing is on fire”at Lake Claiborne. And it has been for a while, according to guide Sid Havard.
  • Fish later, fish deep in Shell Beach
    Capt. Tim Ursin Sr., aka Capt. Hook (504-512-2602) over in Shell Beach, said we’ll possibly have a colder winter this year — which will require a switch in tactics.
  • Head to Deer Bayou for Dularge specks
    After an extra warm early winter, South Central Louisiana anglers still realize a big chill could drive speckled trout from the lakes and other shallow water areas into their winter holes.
  • Hit ‘old river’ on the run to Mermentau
    The Mermentau River’s “Old River” has been giving up beaucoup redfish this winter — and shows no signs of slowing down in January. 
  • January could produce 10-pounders at Toledo Bend
    After a relatively balmy fall so far, I’m convinced that bass fishing prospects for January are going to be different than the long-term norm at Toledo Bend.
  • Lake Borgne redfish are sunning in shallow bays
    Common sense says deep water and wintertime go together like caramel sauce and ice cream, but Capt. Bubby Lamy finds redfish this time of year piled up in the shallow marshes off Lake Borgne and Proctor’s Point.
  • Seeing red in Venice
    There are certain times of the year when the Venice speckled trout fishing is as good as you’ll ever see in Louisiana. But unfortunately for speck diehards, January isn’t one of those months. 
  • Speckled trout tough to pattern on Grand Isle
    In a typical January, Grand Isle speckled trout angler Tommy Vidrine knows roadside hot spots along Highway 1 will usually produce some nice fish.