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  • A release that’s handy
    Hand-held release aids are becoming more and more popular with bowhunters in the archery world, and for good reason too. Here are some pros.
  • Are Louisiana’s best bucks just mediocre?
    Are habitat, hunter choices keeping Louisiana’s best bucks from reaching their potential? Scott Durham and Jonathan Bordelon talk about the situation.
  • Crème’s Tube Worm
    Crème’s Tube Worm is a plastic worm that floats and “has that tube aspect to it,” a deadly combination, according to Brett Preuett.
  • Panfish, kayaks go well together in Louisiana waters
    Chasing panfish is best in the early morning or late afternoon, which is great for kayak fishing on hot, summer days in Louisiana.
  • Species Spotlight: Flathead catfish
    Flathead catfish make a big splash wherever they show up. They are highly adaptable to a wide range of waters and can live in very harsh conditions.

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