Features from April 2018

Columns - April 2018

  • Capt. Paul’s fishing edge for Pearl River WMA
    The Pearl River Wildlife Management Area is located between the Pearl River at the Louisiana-Mississippi state boundary, and the West Pearl river from the east end of the Rigolets by the Mississippi Sound to a point where I-59 crosses its boundary. 
  • Creme Speed Scremers
    Dusty Anders of Deville was excited when he called an outdoor writer in early February.
  • CWD in Mississippi
    I had something else in mind originally for this column, but the recent happenings regarding the finding of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in a Mississippi deer is more important than anything else.
  • Gaspergou are everywhere
    As common as gaspergou are in Louisiana and the United States, few people realize how unique this freshwater species really is. Virtually any waters that connect with the Mississippi, Pearl and Mobile river systems and all the Great Lakes except Lake Superior are home to the species — 27 states.
  • Have a safe turkey season
    Louisiana’s 2018 spring gobbler season will begin on April 7 in all three turkey hunting areas. 
  • It’s (finally) time to talk turkey
    The delay of the 2018 turkey season until April 7 has no doubt been an agonizing wait for members of the Tenth Legion, but now this elite group of hunters are in action.
  • Speckled specialties
    Dr. Bob Weiss is still at it, speckled trout fishing four or five times a week and cooking most days. Here are his recipes for Treasure Island Trout and Trout Amandine.
  • Targeting canal bass
    Bass fishing as a professional sport conjures up images of sparkly boats with huge motors, and anglers standing on a stage showing off tournament fish that will soon be released.
  • Traditional archery
    Modern technology has made it easier than ever to be a successful archer. Tools such as compound bows with high let-offs, electronic rangefinders, magnified fiber-optic bow sights, fall-away arrow rests and many other advances have changed our sport forever. 
  • Trout fishing 101
    One common question I get from newbies is, “Where and how do I fly fish for rainbow trout?”

Outdoor Updates - April 2018

  • Caney Lake gives up 36-pound stringer
    In the span of about 30 minutes on a dreary, drizzly morning last Monday on Caney Lake, Hunter Freeman and Corey Harris experienced a bite so epic most bass anglers’ wildest dreams  probably wouldn’t even come close to what actually happened out on the water.
  • Huge bobcat goes down Feb. 5
    Troy Borill has been a man on a mission for about the last five years or so, actively hunting predators in Acadia Parish that impact deer and their habitat like wild hogs, coyotes and bobcats. 
  • Lake Claiborne gives up 12-pound-plus hawg
    Fishing a Louisiana Media Bass singles tournament on Lake Claiborne, things didn’t exactly start out so well for Chris Clement.
  • LDWF officially bans supplemental deer feeding in three Northeast La. parishes
    The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission on Thursday approved a declaration of emergency to cease supplemental deer feeding in East Carroll, Madison and Tensas parishes effective Monday, March 5.
  • LDWF seeking license fee increases
    For the first time in 18 years, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is proposing restructuring hunting and fishing license fees — a move that could generate $10.4 million in annual revenue for the agency if the state Legislature approves the plan during its regular session slated to begin March 12.
  • State, federal red snapper seasons expected to open concurrently in May
    After last summer’s extended federal season, harvest numbers Gulf-wide indicate red snapper were overfished by 212 percent — even though Louisiana anglers actually brought less fish to the docks than the state’s historical quota.

Field Notes - April 2018

Hot Spots - April 2018

  • Big trout moving into Lafitte again this year
    Laffite isn’t generally known for lunker trout, but Capt. Theophile Bourgeois said last spring began with some 3- to 5-pounders making their way up the system.
  • Get your bass fix on Bayou Teche
    Finding a stable body of water — one that isn’t on a hard rise or already unfishably high — can be a priority for bass anglers in one of the prime fishing months of the year.
  • Grand Isle trout in passes, on the beach
    The colder-than-usual weather this winter came in a short, concentrated burst of frigid, bone-chilling cold that shocked man and beast and fowl and fish — all of which are unaccustomed to such temperatures.
  • Head east for Buras trout
    The high Mississippi River began sending tons of sediment out into the waters surrounding Buras in March — particularly on the west side, where trout will move to Grand Isle and Barataria Bay.
  • Head to the banks for Caney Lake bass
    Curtis Simpson has one piece of advice for any bass angler wanting to catch a big largemouth or a big stringer this month — head to the banks at Caney Lake in Jackson Parish.
  • Intercept specks at Delacroix
    Capt. Nick Rando (504-281-8287) says the trout are still transitioning toward outside waters, so this months tactic is to intercept them mid-way.
  • Move with the fish for D’Arbonne crappie
    Earlier in the year, crappie on Lake D’Arbonne moved from the 30-foot channels to the 12- to 15-foot flats, then into the shallows to spawn. To catch fish after the spawn, you just need to follow the fish right back out.
  • Pound the trestles for Pontchartrain specks
    If you don’t like fishing around crowds, you’re probably not alone —  but it can sometimes actually help anglers. The fish on the Lake Pontchartrain Trestles bridge receive a ton of boat pressure, but that can concentrate the fish, according to Capt. Justin Bowles.
  • Rockin’ the MRGO rocks for reds, specks
    Capt. Calvin Duvalle (504-957-4549) said he’ll focus his efforts this month in the Bay Eloi area, but mostly at the MRGO rocks.
  • Stingrays mean redfish in marsh ponds
    Capt. Lane Zimmer said understanding redfish patterns this time of year can help you pinpoint  general location where you’re likely to find fish.
  • Target shallow water at Toledo bend
    Well, just when you say one thing probably will happen, Mother Nature proves you wrong.
  • West Cove holding big lake specks, reds
    April is a prime time to catch speckled trout, redfish and flounder on Calcasieu Lake.