Fly Guys

The last time Louisiana saw so many outsiders moving in to the state to take advantage of an opportunity was after the Civil War when carpetbaggers headed south looking to take advantage of the economic and political situation.[…]


Family Traditions

During a poetry unit that my 8th grade English class at Boyet Jr. High in Slidell was dissecting, we came across a poem about legacies. My students easily identified the extended metaphor comparing a mother’s courage to a granite hill.[…]


Virtural Reality

It’s Friday night — sons are home from college for the weekend. At 1:30 a.m., the old man gets up to answer nature’s call. The light is on in two bedrooms down the hallway. The old man hears voices coming from both sons’ computers of other gamers.[…]


No-Fishing Zones

A recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration discussion paper has brought home to Gulf of Mexico fishermen the momentum of the movement to create marine protected areas (MPAs) in the northern Gulf of Mexico.[…]


Grand Lake Triple Play

Down here in the Deep South, we don’t really get to enjoy four different seasons like folks do farther north. I always heard that each season — spring, summer, fall and winter — had its own unique characteristics, and up north, those folks actually get to experience them.[…]


Lump My Ride

Each December, anglers from near and far trek to the famed Midnight Lump, or Sackett Bank, located south of Venice to do battle with triple-digit yellowfin tuna, giant mako sharks and other trophy fish.[…]

Bass Fishing


Bass once made up much of my family’s diet from the 1960s until the mid-1980s. If you go back to the history of catch and release, you’ll see that Ray Scott, founder of B.A.S.S., originally initiated this program, since he’d received so much criticism in the early days of B.A.S.S about his tournament anglers catching and killing large numbers of big bass.[…]


Delta Ducks

I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I accepted retired LSU biologist Jerald Horst’s invitation to spend a couple days hunting the Atchafalaya Delta WMA with him.[…]