Bass fishing can be phenomenal this time of year on the West Pearl River, according to Jason Pittman.
Bass Fishing

West Pearl River getting right for bass

There are so many great fishing options during the fall that it can be hard to choose one. Speckled trout are practically committing suicide in the marsh, redfish are everywhere, shrimp are popping for their lives and huge flocks of birds are diving. […]

Ask Captain Paul

Capt. Paul’s Edge program for the Rigolets

According to Wikipedia, the Rigolets is an east-west 8-mile long strait connecting the northern part of Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne. “Rigolets” comes from the word rigole, which is French for “trench” or “gutter.” The name is locally pronounced “RIG-uh-leez.”  […]

Inshore Fishing

A grand slam — just before the World Series

Though autumn cool fronts often bring in some ferocious winds, they also drop water temperatures and inspire everything that swims to bite like lionesses through the neck of a zebra. That makes this season the best time of year to boat a grand slam (redfish, speckled trout and flounder) or even a Cajun grand slam (redfish, speckled trout, flounder and largemouth bass). […]

Fishing Hotspots

Lake Catherine is a solid choice for trout

Speckled trout anglers hammer the eastern Lake Pontchartrain train trestle every year, and when it’s on, the fishing can be lights out. However, when too much boat pressure gets on the bridge, the fish will turn off faster than they started. […]