Falling water making the Pearl River red hot!

Meteorologists call the weather pattern that has gripped the Southeast United States this entire summer the Ring of Fire, and it’s an appropriate moniker, especially here in South Louisiana, because temperatures have made a vacation to the surface of Mercury seem desirable to provide respite.

In most areas, all that heat has made fish about as agreeable as a 2-year-old in desperate need of a nap, but there are a few exceptions, and one is at the far eastern end of the Bayou State.

All spring and summer, the Pearl River system has been near or above flood stage, barreling dirty water down to its many mouths near Lake Borgne. The fish that reside there have been living amongst the trees, eating their fill and protected from anglers.

But that has changed in recent days. The Pearl is falling like a stone, and the fish have gotten exposed.

My buddy Jeff Bruhl and I took advantage this week. Check out the video for all the details!

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