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Sweet-tooth sac-a-lait

At the homestead, the 14th day of February is more than just Valentine’s Day: It also marks the birthdate of my wonderful wife Emelise, often referred to in this column as Mrs. Catch. […]


Secrets of a sac-a-lait master – How to catch more crappie

He called it “venture fishing.” I called it a few choice words I can’t write here. But before me lay an extremely, thick tangle of small, long branches sticking atop the water from a submerged, major artery of a tree. The trick of the moment was getting a small, 2-inch, white/chartreuse-tail Wedgetail Minnow somewhere in a hole in the thicket with a very light, sensitive, fragile fly rod 8 1/2 feet long.


Freshwater Fishing

Sick Day Crappie – Tips for catching Lake D’Arbonne sac-a-lait

My grandfather used to have a plaque at the end of his hall that read, “If fishing interferes with work, quit work!”

Next to it was another that read, “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work!”

This was a man who had his priorities straight — at least in theory. The problem was that he never actually heeded the advice in his own hall.

How many of you dream of fishing while looking out the office window? Give up work to go fishing? I’ve got a family to support.

Wouldn’t it be a hoot if somebody actually took some of those old fishing sayings to heart?

Freshwater Fishing

High-Cotton Crappie: Tips for cold-water sac-a-lait

The only thing more consistent than a cold-water crappie bite is the speed at which news of the bite spreads.

Such was the case not too long ago when I met Tony Peters, a Saline Larto crappie guide, and his fishing buddy Glenn Birkicht at a little store to the south of their home lake that spans Catahoula and LaSalle parishes. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Flip Belle River boat docks for sac-a-lait

David Pizzolato hunched down on the front deck of his Xpress boat with a 10-foot Salter’s jig pole in his hand. The black Bass Assassin Tiny Shad swung back toward the line holder as he lifted the rod tip toward the air. As he lowered the tip, the little jig skittered across the water’s surface and under a boat dock along Belle River. […]


Sac-a-lait love new Dancin’ Crappie Jigs

A veteran crappie fishing guide in North Alabama got arguably the most pleasant surprise of his life earlier this year when he first got his hands on the Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle hair jigs that are part of Bill Dance’s Crappie Series. […]


Arriba Sac-a-lait

When you see hundreds of tow vehicles this month in a parking lot at Spanish Lake, it can only mean one thing: The secret is out on what may be the hottest sac-a-lait fishing hole in Louisiana. […]


Sac-a-Lait City

Trophy bass fishing has gained the most media attention for Toledo Bend over the last few years, but its highly productive crappie fishing drives a strong and dedicated core of anglers to navigate these massive impounded waters. […]