Inshore Fishing

Play the wind and the water

Taking into consideration all the variables of fish location, Capt. Billy Walbaum plans his day around the wind. Fishing in the lee inherently makes life easier in terms of boat control and casting, but it’s also a water-quality thing. […]


Lethal Lace

Buying a good quality handgun to carry for self-defense is only part of the equation. You simply have to buy and practice with a suitable holster that will comfortably and securely carry your handgun so you can get at it easily and quickly. […]


How to keep your electronics from hurting you

“Garbage in, garbage out” was a watchword with computers long before they were integrated into marine electronics. We rarely enter full-blown garbage into our stuff out on the water but expensive problems can stem from not giving some “minor” details the attention they deserve. […]


Mistaken identity

I was a young officer working my first year on the job when I walked into a little country store in Avoyelles Parish near Bordelonville one day. Being new to the area and not knowing anyone, a lot of time was spent meeting local folks and learning my way around. […]


Early-season camera sites

As we move into the month of October, the transition period between late summer and fall here in the deep-south, let’s examine some of the criteria that can be used to select the best sites for trail camera surveillance. […]


Island hopping

When it comes to easy access, protected water and a smorgasbord of fish, kayak anglers need look no further than Delacroix Island. Known locally as “The Island,” this historic St. Bernard Parish commercial fishing village is a kayak angler’s dream. The fishing area is unlimited, diverse and kayak friendly. […]

Inshore Fishing

Danos’ 3 rules for success

Capt. Chris Danos’ fall fishing tactics are simple.

• “First and foremost, fish the falling tide. In the summer months the tide is generally rising in the morning and falling in the afternoon. That’ll all switch around in the fall and it’ll be falling every morning and rising in the afternoon. […]

Offshore Fishing

Rigging up

When Kim and Blake Fouquier leave the dock, they carry a small arsenal of rods and reels. Their basic tuna rigs include Tiagra 50W Shimano Two-Speed Lever Drag reels mounted on J & M Tackle custom rods. […]

Offshore Fishing

Why October?

Tuna fishing as described here is not a year-round sport. While yellowfin can be caught off of the Louisiana coast all year, October is special. After a couple of cold fronts, the hot-blooded fish come nearer to shore from their usual deep-water haunts. […]

Inshore Fishing


It’s been a tough year for marsh trout, but if October holds true to form we should see an inundation of the snaggled-tooth species. A weighted Clouser or Shrimp pattern set 30 inches below a VOSI will be the ticket over reefs, and in cuts, canals and bayous. […]