You can help stop poachers

November launches the opening of all major hunting seasons in Louisiana. Deer and waterfowl seasons are under way. Louisiana’s 53 wildlife management areas welcome public land hunters for various seasons and managed hunts.[…]


Locating those pesky breakers and fuses

The first thing that springs to mind when an electrical accessory stops working is a blown fuse or popped circuit breaker. In a new boat this usually means pressing the circuit breaker button next to the accessory’s switch or popping the cover off a box near the console and checking the fuse or breaker that protects the now powerless accessory.[…]

Bass Fishing

Bass drawn to the Poc’it Craw

When a Port Allen bass angler needed to cull some fish in his livewell during a recent Bassmaster Southern Open on Lewis Smith Lake near Jasper, Ala., he started fishing with a soft plastic that had been on the market no more than three weeks.[…]


Fall’N for specks

The specks are coming, the specks are coming! That jubilant cry can be heard from ’yakers all across coastal Louisiana. Fall is here, and hungry trout are filling the interior marshes where they’ll be easily accessible to kayak anglers for the next several months.[…]


Tricks of the trade

Whenever I bring up the topic of mature bucks, I am referring to that segment of the buck population that is aged 5 ½ years old or older. True “mature bucks” can be as rare as proverbial “hens teeth” in most populations in the whitetail’s range.[…]


Bringing in the sheep

Fly-rodders are a strange lot. There are those of us who will travel hundreds — sometimes thousands — of miles to catch a 10-inch fish, provided that fish happens to be the famed Gila trout or California golden trout. To land one of these rare species puts you in a very special list of folks.[…]

Inshore Fishing


This month is the best marsh fishing of the year for speckled trout. They will be thick in brackish bayous, canals, and interior lakes. Colder water is typically clearer water, and that favors flies![…]


Amendment 2 — Vote YES on Nov. 6

A proposed constitutional amendment that would amend language in the 1974 Louisiana Constitution pertaining to the individual right to keep and bear arms will be on the Nov. 6 ballot.

If Louisiana voters approve this amendment to our state constitution, we will have the strongest guarantee of gun rights in the nation.[…]