War of attrition — maximizing your public-land hunting

The Sherburne WMA complex offers great Thanksgiving hunting options. Here are some tips to making the most of this public-lands tradition.

The Friday after Thanksgiving 2011 found Lyle Savant of Central locating an active scrape near an oak flat deep within the interior of Sherburne Wildlife Management Area.

The Opelousas native, having scouted the area six weeks before this hunt, picked a tree adjacent to a thicket downwind of an oak where deer sign indicated heavy feeding.

Very early that morning, he heard a deer approaching at his back. He admittedly made the mistake of easing around and, unfortunately, the deer moved away.

“Then, just after daylight, here comes a deer chasing in almost a full run out of the thicket,” Savant said. “I saw two does, and I made the decision to take the last one since it was an either-sex day.”Click here to read more on War of attrition — maximizing your public-land hunting

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