Shotgunning fun

An attorney friend who knows a little more about guns than I do about the dark side of the moon — but not much more — was wandering around a regional gun show, looking for I’m not sure what.

I think he had been caught up in all the furor and hype and just figured he needed another gun to go with his one revolver.[…]


You dropped WHAT overboard?

Shortly after handheld GPS units became small enough to fit in a pocket, I remember a fellow outdoor writer lamenting about losing his. He somehow dropped it as he stepped from a boat to a dock over water 30 feet deep.[…]


Boating blunders

Wildlife enforcement agents in Louisiana are provided with an abundance of training related to boating. Instruction in boat operation, safety equipment, accident prevention and investigation will begin in the academy and continue throughout an agent’s career.[…]


Lessons learned

As this article goes to press, the 2012-13 deer season is about three months in the rear view mirror. As they say, “It is time to re-load and re-mount.”[…]


Make mine live

For most power boats, the use of live bait is such a given that livewells almost always come as standard equipment. Many don’t think that taking live bait along in a kayak is a viable option.[…]

Inshore Fishing

Reader offers advice

Dear Capt. Paul:

I recently wrote to you about the data card on my Garmin 182c not reading, and you posted the article in the April Louisiana Sportsman magazine. I am writing today to give you the results.[…]