Top Ten Ways to Irk a Marina Operator

It’s the beginning of the saltwater season, and that means boaters of every stripe and color, from neophytes to veterans, will be descending on South Louisiana’s many coastal marinas.

Marina operators will welcome them with open arms. After all, these cash-plunking anglers put food on the tables of anyone who works for or owns a marina.

But marina operators don’t exactly have the world’s easiest life. They get up early and work late, and this time of year that means spending hour after hour in the blazing summer sun.

Exhaustion is often the enemy of patience, and more than one angler has met a marina operator’s wrath after doing something stupid at the end of a long day.

So here’s a top 10 list of what to do if you really want to draw that wrath this summer.


Timbalier Time

Boats stream across Timbalier Bay as the weather warms up and dreams of big trout draw anglers to the barrier islands, but guide Chad Dufrene doesn’t follow the pack.[…]

Bass Fishing

Tinkering with confidence

I had to look on the package to see if this would be OK or not. I mean, remove the hooks and put on red ones? Bend something, tweak this, and change that? Is it legal? No one ever told me I could do this before.

Well, the manufacturer did not say to keep away except for tying it on and casting it out, so it must be allowed, right?

Modifying your current stock of fishing lures may just be the most-important thing you do, ranking right up there with changing your line and cleaning your reels.

Sure, fishing is fishing, but we’ve all been there on days when our favorite lure just didn’t quite get the job done.

The idea of modified lures came from a good friend, Scott Louviere, who presented me with one as a going-away present last summer. Like me, Louviere likes to fish for bass in the Acadiana area.


The Lafitte Lowdown

Maybe it’s just me, but it sure seemed like a long winter. Some of the poor folks up north dubbed it “the winter that wouldn’t die,” which sounded more like a pathetic plot in a Grade B movie than a weather condition.

And even though this winter finally lost its frosty grip on the thermometer, it left behind these blustery, nagging, unending winds specifically to pester and harass us fishermen.

But the long winter drought is over, the sun has steadily warmed up the water, the shrimp are beginning to make their annual appearance, and the trout are slamming baits all over the Southeast Louisiana coastline.[…]


Red Rage

Red is hot. Red is a strong color that conjures up conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare. […]

Bass Fishing

Prehistoric Pearl

As the Pearl River flows past the town of Bogalusa on its way to Lake Borgne, the winding path provides a state line for Louisiana and Mississippi, but the scenic beauty offered by the river is boundless.[…]


Not a Novelty

The small cove on the eastern end of Calcasieu Lake looked much like any other stretch of uninhabited shoreline. It wasn’t so much of a cove as a dip in the largely featureless stretch of bank.[…]


Inverters handy to have on a boat

When work or play calls for AC power on your boat or tow vehicle, an inverter is usually the simplest and least-expensive way to provide it. Just plug the inverter into a cigarette lighter or accessory power socket and then plug your AC tools or toys into the inverter.[…]


Map Feature: Sabine Lake

The heavy fog, which had inundated the extreme southwestern part of the state, was just beginning to break when the 9-pound redfish began its assault on the southern end of Sabine Lake, trying in vain to render the colorful MirrOlure useless for the remainder of the day.[…]

Bass Fishing

Lure Review

The Texan whose artificial lures speak for themselves with their productivity, so much so that they have become a staple in the tackleboxes of pros and weekend anglers alike, can’t help but be proud of a spinnerbait series that’s hooking up bass from Texas to all points of the compass, including Louisiana.[…]


Flooded Felines

The sky was a gorgeous dark grey — almost black — as we pounded into Breton Sound. Lovely little white caps topped the waves like frosting on chocolate cake, the swells between them heavily rippled by the savage gusts that had kicked up just seconds earlier.[…]