Ask Captain Paul

Don’t get LOOPed in

Dear Capt. Paul:

I would like to set waypoints surrounding the LOOP restricted area as to help avoid the big nasty gray boats. Would you have waypoints and the leased blocks in which the LOOP is located that would help mark the area in my GPS? […]


The house search

Nothing is more terrifying to a homeowner than a “hot” burglary. That’s what detectives call incidents where cold-blooded cretins, crawling out of their skins with drug addictions, creep a house with the occupants home, generally asleep. […]


The baiting game

The spring gobbler season begins in March and is the last hunting season before agents move almost entirely to the water for enforcement of fishing and boating regulations for spring and summer. […]

Inshore Fishing

Cleaning redfish and drum

Redfish and black drum are substantially more difficult to clean than are speckled trout. The heavy bone structure and larger scales make knife control more difficult, often resulting in leaving large amounts of flesh on the carcass. […]


Lil John new go-to bait

Month after month for the last year or so, Jeff Poe has talked glowingly about a soft plastic that he wasn’t sold on until his son and fellow charter boat captain Nick Poe threw him some one day when the younger Poe was tearing them up while very few, if any, speckled trout were going into the boat skippered by Jeff Poe. […]


Put a ribbon on it

The deer hunting is over and it’s time to talk turkey. But before the gobbling and clucking begins, the 33rd Annual Louisiana Sportsmen’s Show & Festival will take place in Gonzales on March 9-11, and it is time to look at some of those deer heads that were featured in the Deer of the Year story in last month’s issue. […]

Bass Fishing

Worth The Wait

People will travel long distances to get in line for just about anything when comes to fun, recreation and the many pleasures in life. Orlando, Fla., and hour-long waits for amusement rides at Disney World is one example. […]