Scrap Iron

The first time I ever laid eyes on Josh Sandel, at the campground on Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area, he reminded me of a big dominant male silverback gorilla. […]


Sulphur Mine Specks

Saltwater anglers have long been at the mercy of the wind more so than freshwater anglers. The very nature of fishing sprawling bays and open lagoons along a wide-open coast means wind direction and strength must be taken into account before and during every trip. […]


Protein Factory

Saline-Larto. The name kind of has a ring to it, like a gang of bank robbers from the Wild West. Or maybe a gunslinger — I can hear it now, “Watch out, that’s the Saline-Larto Kid!” […]

Bass Fishing

Pinch-Point Bass

Dawn began to define what we had dubbed the “slough hole.” It was the first morning of rifle season in Area 1, and from 15 feet up an oak tree that was dropping acorns on my head, I remembered how this came to be the fourth deer stand I put up. […]


Don’t like jigs? Try FlipSkirts

Andrea “Andi” Sanders of Milam, who has owned one of the nation’s leading artificial lure manufacturers since the mid-1990s, is proud of one of the company’s newest products, a skirt with a metal bead and two built-in rattles giving extra ooomph to a soft plastic, particularly a Texas-rigged plastic worm, plastic lizard or creature bait. […]