Deer Hunting

Prepping for fall hunting

We find ourselves in the “in-between season.” Here in the Deep South, it is not only the season of insects, heat, humidity, snakes and poison ivy, but it’s also the season of summer food plots, bush-hogging and weed spraying. […]

Inshore Fishing

‘Kid’-yaking: Create memories on the water

There’s no better way to introduce kids to fishing than with a kayak.

The solitude and close quarters allow for easy instruction and great conversation, with almost endless teaching opportunities. On quiet paddles, a wide variety of wildlife may be seen — as well as several different species of fish caught. […]

Bass Fishing

A river runs through it

Todd McElveen and Steven Schilling are hooked on the Bogue Chitto River. McElveen called it “one of the prettiest rivers you want to go on.” Schilling said, “It’s like a hidden gem.” […]

Bass Fishing

A tricked out boat

Todd McElveen’s river boat started out life as a 16-foot Xpress welded jon boat. But it didn’t stay that way, getting highly modified to adapt it for use in shallow rivers with a jet drive outboard motor. […]

Bass Fishing

Fish catchin’ stuff

This is tough fishing.

In the blink of an eye, an angler has to see the sweet spot in a pocket around structure, shoot a lure into it and immediately begin his retrieve, all while the current is trying to spin the boat one way or another and hustle it down river. […]

Bass Fishing

Learn to read the water

Not all water on the Bogue Chitto River is equal. Probably 80 percent of it is less than 1 foot deep and featureless, making it fishless as far as bass are concerned. […]



For contestants in the CCA STAR Fly Division, June is the best tournament month to catch big trout on a fly. At first light, use large poppers. As the morning progresses, move toward submergent flies such as Seaducers, Deceivers and articulated baitfish patterns. Casting an intermediate sinking line will produce more strikes. […]


How to make your own catfishing bottles

Jeremy Gremillion and Ray Ramagos both make their catfishing bottles from emptied, metal, 30-pound R-22 refrigerant bottles. Gremillion gets his from friends who do residential cooling work. Ramagos noted that they can also be purchased from scrap yard dealers. […]


Catfish genes

Six catchable sized catfish species occur in Louisiana waters. They can be divided into two groups: bullheads and true catfish. […]


Treasured catfish tips

Make a small gaff hook to use to pull stubborn fish from their bottle. “Sometimes I wonder how the fish get in the bottle when I can hardly get them out,” mused Gremillion.  […]

Bass Fishing

Bird brain

So, you pull into a pocket and you want to see it empty, right? Well, if we’re talking other boats, then yes; solitude is golden. However, the right kind of company can be just what you want — and that means birds. […]


Tip of the day

Jeff and Nick Poe recommend using electric trolling motors as sparingly as possible. In fact, neither of them use one much because they believe it spooks the fish.  […]


Why the Poes know

When I first envisioned a comprehensive article to make sense out of all the lure options available to speckled trout fishermen, it became obvious I needed the help of someone who really knew his stuff. […]