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Strangely enough, the reservoirs on our nation’s river systems were not originally constructed to give us places to fish; they were built to control traditional spring floods that destroyed crops and homes. […]


Offshore kayak fishing

Louisiana is a mecca for coastal kayak fishermen. Having virtually unlimited launch sites, and miles and miles of protected waters, kayak anglers can easily find great inshore action from one end of the state to the other. […]

The Standard Mapping E-card allows anglers to zoom in from area coverage to such detail that even individual trees are visible on the screen.
Inshore Fishing

About that e-card

Stevie Nick’s enthusiasm about the Standard Mapping E-card doesn’t stem from his employment with the company. Rather, he works for the company because he is a big fan of the e-card itself. […]

Inshore Fishing


For contestants in the CCA STAR Fly divisions, June is the best of the tournament months to catch big trout on the fly. At first light, use poppers. As the morning progresses, move toward baitfish patterns like Seaducers, Whitlock Baitfish and large Clousers. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Best locations

When the water is falling in the Atchafalaya River in conjunction with the spawning months of May, June and July, some of the best locations for sunfish action include the spillway out Adams Landing in 30 Inch Canal and surrounding Shell Field, Lake Verret, American Lake, Duck Lake, Flat Lake and Grassy Lake. […]