Falling Red River produces in June

The bass fishing on the Red River in Alexandria generally will start turning on in June, depending on the water level. The river still may be flooded this month, but under stable or falling conditions, a number of the bass will begin moving out to the remaining part of the river.[…]


Pearl River Panfishing

The gardeners (is that term permissible nowadays?) — OK, OK, I mean the landscapers spoke Spanish to each other and appeared to be Mexican (is that term permissible?) — OK, OK, I mean Hispanic.[…]


Land of Options

The name of the place is enough to hold the fascination of anyone carrying an ounce of the sea’s romance. The following passage describes the island perfectly: “Truly, Grand Isle has grown up. Grown from a quiet, peaceful village beneath the sheltering oaks surrounded by broad treeless prairies and marshlands to a bustling seaside resort with modern conveniences and catering to modern tastes and demands.[…]