Looking for yellow rig in Breton Sound

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Dear Capt. Paul,

I am looking for the cordinates to the small yellow rig that was removed in Breton Sound one or two years ago.



Capt. Paul’s response:

Sometimes fishermen and local people give names to locations that do not agree with the official name of a feature or production platform.

These names may be based on the color of the paint on the rig or the shape or location of the site, or even a code to describe the site to other fishing buddies. Sometimes the code is based on the type of fish caught at the location. Yellow Mouths, Big Red, Flatfish, etc. are some common names for such locations.

I checked for any feature the may have any of characteristics that you describe, and all came up negative. I tried, but I just can’t find a yellow rig that was in the Breton Sound area about two years ago.

However, I was told that there was once a yellow rig located in the area around Telegraph Point in the eastern Breton Sound/southern Black Bay area at or around N29 30.747’ x W89 30.965’, but I am not sure that that is the location you are asking about, or even if it is or was a yellow rig.

I do have a location for a yellow rig that is located about 3.5 miles south-southeast of South Pass Delta Leased Block area No. 57. This yellow rig is just off the mouth of Southwest Pass, and is located at or about N28 51.835’ x W89 24.304’. It is in about 150 feet of water. Venice is usually the jump off for this site.

I am still searching, but if you get a better description or a more definitive location, please submit another posting or send me an e-mail.

Unless otherwise specified, all positions are stated as H,DDD,MM.mmm, and were determined using WGS 84 datum. All headings/bearings/courses are stated in magnetic degrees.

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