Turn Back Time

Capt. Allen Welch reached toward the top of his console to retrieve a tattered sparkle beetle. It felt familiar as he threaded it onto his hook, but it had been years since he last fished one. […]


Lower Pearl River provides great Louisiana fishing

Howling winds forced us to cancel the Buras trip at 5 a.m. with a quick phone call. By 9 a.m., I was climbing the walls and also noticed that the grass needed mowing. Worse, Shirley also noticed that the grass needed mowing. I noticed her contemplating the issue from the front porch, and ran into the bathroom with my cell phone before she saw me. […]


Casting at the Capitol

By now the excitement of the latest video games has begun to leave the kids bored, with limited options to occupy their time before schools kicks off again. After all, the hot summer temperatures are in full force, forcing most to curtail their outdoor activities to the early and late portions of the day. […]

Ask Captain Paul

New GPS features include improved mapping software

GPS has been heralded as the best-yet man-made navigation system, but the internal features have been lacking when compared to current technology in cellular phones, iPods, Blackberry devices, computers, wireless laptops, satellite phones and televisions. These shortcomings are new being addressed for the GPS user by a variety of manufacturers. […]


DSC invaluable in VHF marine radios

Digital selective calling (DSC) features on VHF marine radios have been around for almost a decade. This feature lets you call other radios with the press of a button, using the called radio’s Maritime Mobile Service Identification number (MMSI) like a telephone number. […]