Side-imaging opens new worlds

The basic principles of sonar are tied to the laws of physics and can’t change much, but Humminbird’s Side Imaging feature proves that sonar’s application to sportfishing is still evolving. […]


Block Bingo

Like a hyperactive schoolboy at recess, 66-year-old Danny Womack positioned his bay boat stern end to the rig, while instructing me to drop the anchor. […]


Florida Parish Panfish

As we headed out the garage door with our poles, my son Robbie and I waved to Shirley, but she remained oblivious, gabbing away on her cell phone about the movie “Sex and the City.” […]


Offshore Diversity Training

Reports are that red snapper are teeming at virtually any rig off of the Louisiana coast. That would normally be good news except that snapper fishermen are facing a delayed, shortened season, combined with limits cut in half and fuel prices at the dock of more than $4 per gallon. […]


The Meat Rigs

Imagine that you are fishing a coastal lake and there is only one oyster reef smack dab in the middle of it — no cuts, no canals, no points, just that one solitary reef. […]

Bass Fishing

Extra Padding

It’s like a beach umbrella for bass — shelter from the swelter and a nice place to enjoy a semi-private siesta. Lily pads, those broad green leaves that grow on stalks and look like big pie plates, comprise one of the most fundamental bass habitats throughout many Southern Louisiana waterways. […]


Back in Time

As a youngster growing up in Goldonna, the latter part of May served notice that I was on the cusp of something extra special. School was about to dismiss for the summer, which meant three months of sweet freedom was within my grasp as the last yellow bus of the school year disappeared in a cloud of dust down the gravel road. […]


Passion for Plastic

Most people try to escape the corporate world by going fishing. Unfortunately, many in the fishing world are finding it becoming more and more like the corporate world every day. […]


Gulf, lake anglers will find dead zones

This summer, like each summer for the last dozen or so years, we will get our annual report on the size of the Gulf of Mexico “dead zone.” This year as well, the Bonnet Carre Spillway was opened, releasing large quantities of nutrient-rich Mississippi River water into Lake Pontchartrain and the surrounding wetland system. Often, smaller dead zones develop in the lake after spillway openings. […]