Ask Captain Paul

How can I load more maps on my GPS?

Dear Capt. Paul:

I have a Garmin Street Pilot Colormap with Metroguide v5, and I have just purchased a 64mb data card. I have just figured out that the Colormap does not accept more than 50 maps, but with the maps I have picked I am only using about 44mb.Do you know of any way around the 50-map limit? If I use a USB programmer, can I get around the limit? […]


Crossed Up

Will Louisiana have a crossbow season next year or at any time in the future? Will Louisiana permit hunting with a crossbow during archery season as some other southern states have?

Crossbow hunting seems to have caught fire as it spreads into more and more states each year. Many states like Louisiana already allow the use of the crossbow, either for the physically challenged and/or older hunters.