Speaking Squirrel-ese

Your squirrel call doesn’t work,” I told Shannon Talkington, the inventor of the Mr. Squirrel whistle call.

Talkington had sent me the quarter-sized, bottle-cap-looking squirrel call the year before and asked me to try it. I’d taken it on three different squirrel hunts, blown it several times and never had a squirrel answer it. […]

Bass Fishing

An old crankbait becomes new again.

As excited as Bobby Murray was in 1973 about a crankbait everyone was drooling over, he absolutely can’t contain himself three decades later as Cotton Cordell prepares to introduce Fred Young’s Original Big O.

The Hot Springs, Ark., angler, who has won two BASS Masters Classics, including the first one, was working for Cotton Cordell back in the spring of ’73 when he was instrumental in getting plastic Big Os manufactured and into Cordell’s catalog in 1973-74. […]


Pointed Therapy

Some people play golf. Women usually like to shop. Kids love the video games. Some people like to piddle in the garden or simply zone out in front of the TV. […]


Living History

One of the more amazing stories in Louisiana saltwater history is the fairly recent popularity of the yellowfin tuna as a food and sport fish. […]

Bass Fishing

Jerk in a Jam

Occasionally, you awaken to one of those special mornings when you have a compelling urge to hook up the boat and head for the lake. It’s a day when everything just feels right. Your confidence level is elevated because you sense that today, it’s going to happen.

I recall one of those mornings a couple of springs ago. An early-spring front had blown through three days prior, chasing the bass from the shallows. […]

Bass Fishing

Houses of the Holy

The Holy Grail of bass fishing can be found in North Louisiana. Didn’t know there was a Holy Grail of bass fishing, much less that it could be found in your own back yard? […]


Fresh & Exciting

The speed of the man’s dissertation was positively stunning. We hadn’t even ordered at the Orange, Texas, Waffle House, and Capt. Skip James (409-886-5341) was in his element, giving me the lowdown on the trip on which we were about to embark.

Flounder biological information, historical catches, feeding habits, basic techniques, advanced techniques, they were all there, being spewed rapid-fire in response to a simple statement: “So, what have you got planned for us today?”

Howard Hammonds of Old Bayside Bait Co. — never one to back down from a conversation — just ducked his head into a menu and smiled, knowing what must be going through my head. […]


Ain’t nothin like the almost-real thing

Crappie. White Perch. Sac-a-lait. Call them whatever you want, but in the Cormier household, we call them “dinner.” Nothing brings everyone to the table faster than a fresh-fried batch of these tasty critters.

For that reason, anytime I’m on the water and fishing sac-a-lait, I practice a different form of catch-and-release. I catch the sac-a-lait, then release them into my ice box. […]