A Deed for Ducks

As far back as 1929, men, who sipped the best bourbon around tables with white-linen cloths, wrote deeds. They sought to own the land for the mineral rights to the black gold deep in the soil below.[…]

Waterfowl & Duck Hunting

Ducks cranking up behind cold front

If a Monday morning marsh hunt with Hackberry Rod & Gun is any indication, Louisiana waterfowlers reluctantly counting down the days of the 2006-07 season may finish with a flurry thanks to the cold front making its way across the state.[…]


Health Club Ducks

What’s more exasperating than watching flock after flock after flock of ducks (mostly greys) land far out into the open water 300 yards away from your decoy spread, which was lovingly placed in a sheltered little cove and strategically set out from 20 to 35 yards downwind of where you huddle, perfectly hidden, in a grove of marsh alders blowing yourself hoarse on a duck call?[…]


2005 Duck Forecast

Monday, Nov. 7 — The jet stream, that great river of air that drives the continent’s weather, stretches in a mildly undulating line from Oregon to Maine, pushing storms and weather fronts from west to east across North America.[…]