Fountains of Youth

Have you seen all the recent commercials that are targeted toward helping older Americans recapture their youth? Whether hearing about an amazing new cream that’s supposed to get rid of any and all wrinkles for the women or a can of spray-on hair for the men, our society seems obsessed with staying young. […]


Launch Sequence

Generally, when anglers think of fishing the Lafitte area this month, they automatically think redfish. And for good reason. Lafitte is well known for its production of the hard-fighting bronze brutes throughout the fall and winter months, and October is considered the normal kick-off of the season. […]


Conversion to ethanol not green for ducks

What’s good for the goose is always good for the gander, but what’s good for the deer may not always be good for the duck. As reported in our June issue, Louisiana farmers are converting acreage once reserved for only cotton and sugar cane into corn fields, and a boom in the state’s deer population may very well result. […]


Calcasieu in the Fall

The pink rod made a question mark as the MirrOlure She Dog vanished in an explosion on the surface. When the line knifed through the water, my guide, Kirk Stansel, one of the owners of Hackberry Rod and Gun, and I both wondered aloud, “Speckled trout or redfish?” […]


Deer Dogs with Wings

“Damn buzzard!” the hunter muttered under his breath as he signed his name across the bottom of the check.It was no consolation that he wasn’t the first deer club rule violator brought to justice by an ugly black bird who makes its living from death. […]