Thoughts on the science of trail cameras

Things have really changed over the past 40-odd years when it comes to deer hunting. There would certainly be some debate regarding certain aspects of the sport, but for the most part — in my humble opinion — we as deer hunters have never had it better than we do right now, especially here in the Deep South. […]


Pay it forward

I consider myself blessed in many ways. Among those blessings are the many great memories of childhood hunting adventures. Dad, my grandfathers and uncles made sure I got to tag along on lots of great hunts as a kid. […]



The colder, clearer waters of December – combined with low tides – provide some of the best sight casting opportunities of the year for those pursuing marsh reds. A wide variety of flies will work as the reds are more opportunistic in their feeding. […]


Hen dekes bring in more ducks

Although he’s had times when he’s killed nothing but greenheads, D’Arbonne Refuge and Upper Ouachita Refuge duck hunter Chance Havard said he has learned a little decoy trick he believes helps him get more ducks within shooting range. […]


Tadpole’s Tensas — Tactics for Tensas NWR deer hunting

It was Jan. 7 of this year and Alton “Tadpole” McLeod was hunting an area of Tensas National Wildlife Refuge he had not previously hunted. He found a deer trail and a suitable tree for his climbing stand overlooking the trail and got set up.

Around 4 p.m. buzzards (of all things) began to congregate at a roost tree nearby.

“They were making a lot of noise, landing, flapping wings and breaking branches,” McLeod said. “There must have been 30 or 40 of them.”

Tadpole was discouraged and did not expect any deer movement due to all the noise. He considered moving, but since it was so late in the day he decided to sit it out till dark.

Around 5 p.m. he heard something moving in the palmettos, coming from the direction of the buzzard roost. He suspected either a deer or bear. […]

Deer Hunting

Best time for using mock scrape lures

“Scents are kind of like fishing tackle,” Wildlife Research Center’s Ron Bice said. “You’ve got your Rapalas, Daredevils and different lures in your tackle box, and sometimes some work better than others. Just because you make 10 casts and you don’t catch anything doesn’t mean you throw out a proven lure. […]