Over the Hedge

Pelayo was ahead of me on the trail as we trudged back to his truck. It looked like two, maybe three squirrels hanging from his belt. Then the trail made a bend, and I lost sight of him.[…]


Monster Trout on Redfish Flats

Wherever there are fish to catch or animals to shoot, there are anglers and hunters who prefer to forego catching just any fish or shooting just any animal in favor of securing the bragging rights that come with catching the biggest fish or shooting the biggest animal.[…]


For 2009, short is the new long

To appreciate the current trend in tackle requires a brief history lesson. Urban legend has it that the first fly rod was created in 10,000 B.C. when cavemen Frank Oog and JaMarcus Ugg cut and stripped a sapling and attached to it a line constructed of braided wooly mammoth hair.[…]