Freshwater Fishing

Rigging crawfish the Kelley way

Mike Kelley doesn’t like to dip for “ditch crawfish” as do many fishermen who use mudbugs for bait. “They are on the small side and you can’t get them early in the season,” he explained. […]


These Cajuns know crawfish

Dee Dee and Vern Becnel of St. Gabriel are a fun couple. Dee Dee is shy and modest, with a sweet smile. Vern is expansive and bold. and laughs with a hearty belly laugh; he wears a full, silver beard and is totally bald.



Rare white-eyed crawfish avoids boiling pot in Marrero

You might get a black eye on your way to catch the red-eye, or maybe even contract pink eye from a brown-eyed girl, but have you ever in all your years seen a white-eyed crawfish?

Didn’t think so.

Harley Ducote hadn’t seen one, either — despite years working at a seafood processing plant. But all that changed this past weekend — when he stopped by Sal’s Seafood in Marrero.