Top 10 reasons duck kayaks are cool

Tony Soileau had no problem quickly rattling off 10 reasons why duck hunting from a kayak is cool:

  1. Unlike static blinds, kayaks can be quickly repositioned to take advantage of wind direction, especially when it changes during a hunt.
  2. Kayaks are small and easy to get into tight places where larger boats can’t. A kayak hunter can make better use of natural cover and will have more options about where to set up.
  3. Kayaking is better than walking into hunting spots simply because a kayak offers a place to sit.
  4. They are light and easy to drag.
  5. Kayaks are very mobile with a trolling motor. A small, 250-amp cranking battery and a 30-pound thrust motor will move the boat speedily. The battery can be used for three hunts before recharging is needed. (Soileau reminds hunters that running lights are required at night and boat numbers are needed on public waters.)
  6.  It is easier to pick up decoys by yourself in a kayak than in a large boat, where it is very easy to run them under the flare of the boat hull and have to reach under the boat to grab them.
  7. Boat launches are not needed. Kayaks can be launched anywhere.
  8. It is easy to add attachments because plastic is easier to drill than metal.
  9. A hunter can get in and out of the water from a NuCanoe more easily than from a large boat.
  10. Kayaks are quiet.
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