Calling all turkeys

Every hunter has a favorite turkey call. Jerry Antley’s favorite is “all of them.”

The die-hard hunter thinks different calls can be used in different situations to make the best of your turkey hunting hours in the woods.

Here are his tips on four of his calls:

• The Little Scratch Box — This is the call that put Antley on the map in the turkey call business. It’s small, convenient and is his favorite close-in call because of the almost tone-perfect purring sound that drives big tom turkeys crazy.

Antley’s top tip is to apply his CH13 chalk generously, holding the striker stick between your thumb and middle finger, and then gently dragging the beveled edge of the striker at a 45-degree angle over the thin edge of the call.

• The Cedar Hill Hen — This is the traditional-size hen call, but in a big box. It is also made out of the same cedar and other components as the Little Scratch Box. It is also one- piece call that is a customer favorite in every turkey region in which Cedar Hill markets.

• Bayou Thunder — This is a raspy diaphragm call that is relatively easy to use. It has a triple reed that has a big gobbler sound, but it also has the capability to give you the “chirp” call when the big one gets close.

The convenience of this call is that you keep both hands free and minimize movement, giving you an edge of those big gobblers.

• Super Double Glass — You can make a loud or soft call with this one, and it’s pretty easy to use. One of the main advantages of the call is that moisture won’t affect it if it is a wet, damp morning. And the more pressure you put on the glass, the louder the call.

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