The little turkey call that can

Jerry Antley has always had the itch to make turkey calls and other outdoor gear for outdoorsmen.

Early on, he got some sage advice about the call business that he didn’t fully understand — until later.

“I was told that, at some point, I’d either have to get into the turkey call business or get out of the turkey call business,” Antley said. “I couldn’t just play at it.”

Now he understands. It was hard to leave a good job to pursue his dream, but he did.

Now, as owner of Cedar Hill Game Calls in Downsville, Antley’s renown has spread across the country.

“I would have never dreamed we’d be sitting here doing this today,” he said, as he finished up an interview for a segment on Urban Hunting TV this past summer.

The main thing that surprised him was that his signature call, the Little Scratch Box, has made him famous.

Most turkey calls are either difficult-to-use diaphragm calls that fit in the roof of your mouth or big box calls that are bulky and hard to carry.

Antley’s solution was the Little Scratch Box.

“It took some work, but it has the same sound as a bigger call,” he said. “I think it is even better. And the best thing is that it fits right into your turkey hunting shirt pocket.

“How convenient is that?”

It must be pretty convenient because he has sold nearly 100,000 of them over the past 30 years.

You can learn more about all their products online at

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