Gobbler chasing

Louisiana’s spring gobbler season began on March 25 in all three areas, and the youth and physically challenged hunt weekend was March 18-19. […]


Get the best sight picture

The deer hunter flips up the collar of his fleece jacket to better protect his neck from the chilly, late-afternoon breeze, remaining alert, hoping that an unsuspecting doe will meander by before dark. Success would be two-pronged, as he needs venison for his freezer, and his camp needs a few more does harvested to reach the year’s quota. […]


Crappie Ammo

After one bait was put on the market in late January, people who go after crappie won’t be fishing for the tasty panfish so much as hunting for them with Crappie Ammo. […]

Other Hunting

Musking is important

Raccoon is a mystery meat to most game cooks. Much of it has to do with the mumbo jumbo associated with removing the musk glands from the animal. […]

Other Hunting

The coon dog man

The people in the little hamlet of Tangipahoa call George Ricks “The Dog Man.” Everywhere he goes, Claire Bell, his retired-from-hunting treeing walker hound, rides with him.  […]

Other Hunting

Why freeze hides?

George Ricks freezes most of his hides during the winter hunting season, saving them to tan during the summer when the weather is better. […]

Bass Fishing

Gaudy lure colors catch spring bass

As much as anglers try to match the hatch when it comes to color selection, Kenny Covington knows there is a time and place to buck conventional wisdom and tie on a bait color that could bring as much embarrassment at the dock as it does bites on the water. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Best bets for crappie jigs

Sac-a-lait can be notoriously picky when it comes to color, so Bruhl keeps a variety in his box. His favorite is pink/white, but he also uses blue/white, black/chartreuse or black/fire tail. […]