The best knot to catch more crappie

With a fish as challenging to catch as a sac-a-lait, you have to pay attention to little details.

Knots might seem insignificant, and not many anglers dwell on them.

But that’s a big mistake, according to Jeff Bruhl.

“I tie a king-sling knot,” he said. “When the bait goes in the water, the knot gives it more of a horizontal presentation. If you tie a (Palomar or improved-clinch) knot, your bait will swim up and down.

“The horizontal angle will give it more of a natural presentation.”

Bruhl said there’s also another advantage to the knot you might not think about.

“If you’re fishing tree tops and you have cover, the jig will fall perfectly straight,” he said. “Other knots will turn and twist, and you’ll hang up in the cover.”

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