Is your unit performing at its best?

Did you know that there may be a free upgrade to your present GPS receiver? No you don’t have to return the unit to the manufacturer for upgrading. If your GPS receiver has a capability to attach a PC interface cable to a computer, you or anyone who is computer literate may install the upgrade. These upgrades to the operating systems provide a variety of improvements for the unit and/or correct some shortcomings in design or software. As an example, some of the upgrades provide a doubling of the amount of waypoints, routes and track back features, and include different viewing screens and operating speeds. Some of the upgrades even provide a change in the satellite reception of a non-WAAS receiver to include the new WAAS satellites, thereby making the unit much more accurate.

However, and you know there is always a catch, you should note the cautions when considering whether to install this revised software in your GPS unit.

The download offers free firmware upgrades for select units. Not all models have an available upgrade. These upgrades are specific to the model GPS units and software versions listed. This software should only be uploaded to the unit for which it is intended. If this software is uploaded to a GPS unit other than the product it is designed for, it will render the unit inoperative. The GPS unit then will have to be sent back to the factory for repairs.

Another consideration with using these downloads is that the new software may overwrite or delete all waypoints, points of interests, routes and track back data saved in the unit. This means that you should back up all of your waypoints and routes by saving them to a file on your computer or by making a hard copy printout prior to attempting the upgrade.

Be sure to read all of the information about the software, how it affects your receiver and the risks involved.

If the software upload fails, and subsequent upload attempts prove unsuccessful, the unit may need to be returned to the manufacturer for service.

I have included Magellan, Garmin, Brunton and Lowrance as several of the manufacturers of GPS units that offer free downloads for their consumer equipment. The GPS model with the latest version of available downloads is listed as of the date of this column. More downloads are continually being added. While researching the topic, I discovered that four additional models were added to the listing. I suggest that you visit your manufacturer’s web site regularly and ascertain if they provide a more current software download. As I said, if your unit is not listed, check the manufacturer’s web site for additional information.

You can check the version of your software by observing the screens when you first turn the unit on or by going to the “System Info” button or screen.



Magellan GPS, now Thales Navigation, offers these upgrades on their web site located at

Magellan has listed software version upgrades for the following units:

GPS 315, v3.15

GPS 320, v3.15

GPS Companion M500 for Europe, v1.1

GPS NAV companion, v1.2

GPS MAP Companion, v2.10

MAP 330, v2.08

MAP 330M, v2.08

Meridian Color, v4.01

Meridian Gold, v4.02

Meridian GPS, v4.02

Meridian Platinum, v4.02

SporTrak, v1.01

SporTrak Map, v4.03

SporTrak Pro, v4.03



The Garmin web site for downloads is located at

Garmin has updated software versions for the following units:

EMap, software version (v) 2.75

eTrex, v2.14

eTrex Camo, v2.09

eTrex European, v2.09

eTrex Legend, v3.10

eTrexVenture/Marine,r v2.35

eTrex Vista, v3.10

Fishfinder 100, v2.06

Fishfinder 100, Blue v2.03

Fishfinder 160, v2.32

Fishfinder 160, Blue v2.04

Fishfinder 240, v2.32

Fishfinder 240 Blue, v2.02

FlightBook, v2.1

GPS 152, v3.10

GPS 16, v2.07

GPS 17N, v2.10

GPS 72, v2.02

GPS 76, v2.09

GPS V, v2.08

GPS V Beta, v211 Beta

GPS15 H/L, v2.01

GPSMAP 168 Sounder, v3.10

GPSMAP 176, v2.08

GPSMAP 176C, v2.08

GPSMAP 182, v4.00

GPSMAP 182C, v5.00

GPSMAP 188 Sounder, v4.00

GPSMAP 188C Sounder, v5.00

GPSMAP 196, v2.07

GPSMAP 2006/2006C, v5.00

GPSMAP 2010/2010C, v5.00

GPSMAP 232, v4.00

GPSMAP 238 Sounder, v4.00

GPSMAP 295, v2.28

GPSMAP 76, v3.20

GPSMAP 76S, v3.20

GSD 20, v2.10

MapSource, v4.12

Navtalk GSM, v2.40

Rino 110, v2.30

Rino 120, v2.30

StreetPilot III, v2.40

USB Programmer Driver Update, v2.05

USB Programmer Drivers-Initial Install, v1.00

GPS II Plus, v2.07

GPS II, v3.03

GPS III, v2.10

GPS III Pilot, v2.07

GPS III Pilot, v2.12

GPS III Plus, v2.06

GPS 12, v3.53

GPS 12, v4.58

GPS 12CX, v2.01

GPS 12MAP, v2.05

GPS 12XL, v4.58

GPS12 XL, v3.53

GPS 25LP/GPS 35LP, v2.50

GPS 48, v4.58

GPS 92, v2.07

GPS 126/128, v2.06

GPSMAP 130/135/175, v4.04

GPSMAP 180/185, v4.05/4.05

GPSMAP 195, v3.01

GPSMAP 215/225, v2.12

GPS 230/235 Sounder, v4.04/4.05

NavTalk, v2.16

NavTalk Pilot, v2.03

StreetPilot (Americas), v2.08

StreetPilot (Atlantic), v2.05

Streetpilot ColorMap (Americas), v2.10

StreetPilot ColorMap (Atlantic), v2.03

And for their Chart installer program MapSource, v411


Lowrance Electronics offers downloads to some of their units from their web site, which is located at

GPS Data Manager, v6

GPS Data Manager, v3.1
MapCreate™ 4
MapCreate™ 5
MapCreate™ 6
MMCI-USB Drivers (LEI)
MMCI-USB Drivers (Lowrance)
Product Emulators
Product Updates
CyberCom & LSI
Sonar Log Viewer

AirMap v3.4.0

AirMap 100, v1.8.0

AirMap 300, v3.6.0

GlobalMap 12, v3.6.0

GlobalMap Sport, v3.6.0

GlobalMap 100, v1.8.0

GlobalMap 1600, v1.7.0

GlobalMap 2400, v1.4.0

GlobalMap 3000MT, v2.5.0

Ifinder, v 1.4.0

LCX-15 CI, v2.5.0

LCX-15 CT, v2.5.0

LCX-15 MT, v2.5.0

LMS-160 Map v1.7.0

LMS-240, v1.5.0

MapCreate 6, v6.1.0

Multipack for LCX-15, LCX-16, GlobalMap 3000MT,GlobalMap 2400 and iFinder, and LMS-240, v2.5.0, v1.4.0,v1.5.0



Brunton can be reached at

Their Multi Navigator System has a software upgrade that can be accessed on their support page. You can download Multi Navigator System v 2.15.

It is very refreshing to see these companies offer the support that they do. It is very comforting to know that they are available to assist the consumer in getting the most out of this high-tech equipment.

Again, I must emphasize caution when opting to download and install the new upgrades. Be sure that you completely follow all of the instructions.

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