Our Other ’Hoos

Anybody who has wet a line past the breakers of our state’s barrier islands knows that the stakes go way up regarding the health of most all fish on the food chain. Safety in numbers is the motto for many kinds of baitfish, but speed is what most anglers find much different among the dozens of species seen on most excursions where water clarity is measured in feet rather than inches.[…]


Look out! Legislature back in session

There are many things I love about spring — manicured azaleas bursting with red, purple and white blossoms, the smell of freshly cut grass carried on thick breezes, and the rhythmic “tick-tick-tick” of a topwater bait that’s interrupted by an explosion from a yet unidentified fish.[…]

Bass Fishing

Creek Bound

A shiver coursed through my body as I stowed my gear in the cabin at Wildwood Resort, and the words of my editor sounded softly in the corners of my mind as I tightened my jacket.[…]

Ask Captain Paul

Is your unit performing at its best?

Did you know that there may be a free upgrade to your present GPS receiver? No you don’t have to return the unit to the manufacturer for upgrading. If your GPS receiver has a capability to attach a PC interface cable to a computer, you or anyone who is computer literate may install the upgrade.[…]


Louisiana’s First Hunters

The old logging road was a promising place to look for sign. It ran through a year-old clearcut before dropping off a slight ridge into Winn Parish’s Dugdemona swamp.

Before timber harvesting, the ridge had been covered with a variety of oak and hickory trees, providing a rich food source. It also was the nearest high ground that would serve as a refuge when Dugdemona River inevitably experienced its annual flood. A hard rain a few days earlier made scouting conditions perfect.[…]