Pontchartrain trestles are heating up

Get off the bank, and drop anchor in the middle of large lakes to greatly increase your duck harvest this winter.

Dear Capt. Paul:

I want to try fishing more close to home in the Slidell area. In particular, I want to try fishing the Twin Spans and Trestle areas. My problem is I don’t know which area to start fishing because there are miles of bridges.

Sincerely, Juddman

Capt. Paul’s response:

The Trestles or Twin Spans relate to the area where there are three — soon to be four — bridges crossing the north east Lake Pontchartrain area. The I-10 spans, Highway 11 and the railroad trestles are all fished with regularity. However, the one most experienced fishermen usually fish is the train trestles starting on the south (New Orleans) side of the bridge.

The area along the south shore of the lake, the New Orleans East area, by Point aux Herbes toward the N.O. Lakefront airport, has a considerable amount of underwater grass and sloping sand areas that are favorable for spawning and holding bait-sized fish. Evidently this side of the lake provides more of the baitfish and cover and less boat traffic than does the north side of the lake.

It appears that the trestles offer more cover for the fish to ambush other smaller fish as the pilings supporting the roadbed are closer together than those of the other auto-type bridges. These multi-legged spans seem to hold more fish. While this is normally true, I have noticed that recently there have been more boats fishing on the north end of the railroad trestles.

As there are exceptions to everything, including this, I am sure you will find some fishermen who swear by a favorite honeyhole in this area that is not near the south or north shore of the spans.

Some anglers say that more important than the location is the tidal movement. Some will only fish a falling tide, water moving from the west to the east, and some will only fish an incoming tide, water moving from the east to the west. About the only thing in common is that they both are fishing moving water.

I suggest that you first try the train trestle about one quarter mile from the shoreline near the south shore and slowly work your way toward the north shore. Note the assembly or building numbers on the spans or mark the location with your GPS unit. Keep notes on the tide, wind, the type of bait and your results. After a few trips, you will start to develop your own preferences for fishing the area.

Keep in touch, and good luck with your fishing.

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