Even insects can cause motor failure

As I think back over the years, I have seen many different things that can cause serious damage to your outboard motor. Marine dealers and repair shops have done an excellent job of informing and educating outboard motor owners on how to prevent these things from happening.[…]

Bass Fishing

Fish the lake no one seems to love

I don’t know why so few anglers seem to love Northeast Louisiana’s Poverty Point. It’s loaded with trophy-sized Florida-strain bass, it’s managed for trophy bass and although crappie fishermen love it, many bass fishermen never have heard of it.[…]


Stuck in the Middle

In the beginning, Lloyd Landry was just like any other conscientious Louisiana duck hunter. He would study duck flights and feeding patterns in the Venice area, and set up his blind along primary flight corridors.[…]


Beauty & the Beast

The traditional fairy tale Beauty and the Beast is a perfect example of situational irony. Readers don’t expect Beauty, or Belle in the Walt Disney version, to ever fall in love with such a hideous looking beast, but that’s exactly what happens in the end.[…]


Crash Landing

Twenty minutes into a 50-minute plane ride at the end of a five-day grizzly bear hunting trip, Jody Vaccarella of Franklin quit thinking about the wondrous sights he’d just seen in the unspoiled wilderness of Alaska.[…]


Duck Restaurant

Pelayo knelt near the bow sweeping the Q-beam along the squiggly trenasse. I steered the little 9 1/2-horse outboard while trying to heed his frantic arm motions to turn this way, then suddenly THAT way.[…]


Mishmash in the Marsh

I withdrew into my parka as Kirk Stansel buzzed his way through the narrow maze of ditches that ran through the marsh. The mix of stinging raindrops and the slapping reeds was a bit too much for the senses at such an early hour.[…]


The Shooting Doctor is in

The goal of most hunters is to get as close as possible to a deer to ensure a kill, so Bill Cobb was surprised by Dr. Randy Brown’s request before heading out of Woodlawn Plantation Hunting Club’s camp a few years ago.[…]