The best way to ice down fish

Yeah, Kerry Audibert likes to fish for big speckled trout — prestige fish. But he also loves to eat fish, so he treats his catch like food.

Too often, the guide said, anglers toss their catches on top of unopened bags of ice because they worry more about the ease of disposing of or reusing leftover ice than about the quality of their catch.

“I like to put enough water in my ice chest to cover the ice and make a slush,” Audibert said. “Slushing preserves the quality, and a straight fish is easier to clean than a stiff, bent fish.

“They stack better in the ice chest, too. Fish simply put on ice are often bent when they die and don’t stack in the chest as well.”

But quality of the fish flesh is really what it’s about for Audibert.

“Hey, this time of year only comes once a year,” he said. “I eat as many of them as I can.”

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