Fishing is hotter than the temps at Timbalier and Raccourci

According to Capt. T-Man Cheramie, the fishing at Timbalier Bay and Lake Raccourci is red hot right now.

My old friend Capt. T-Man Cheramie (985-677-6294) said he is seeing more trout this year than he’s seen in decades.

“The fishing has been phenomenal,” he said. “Anytime the winds lay down, we’re heading out to the big bays and the beaches. Timbalier Bay, Lake Raccourci and the beaches and barges are all red hot right now, just as hot as the August temperatures so you know how hot that is.”

So much bait

Cheramie is a die-hard live bait fisherman and has almost always fished with live minnows fished about 3 feet under a popping cork. But he said there is so much bait in the water this year that he’s adding live shrimp to the menu.

“There is just so much bait in the water it’s unbelievable,” he said. “Shrimp are jumping everywhere, pogies are everywhere, even the crabs are everywhere.

“The water is loaded with bait and the trout are gorging themselves on it. And these fish we’re catching right now are real quality fish.”

Cheramie said he’ll hunt trout on the reefs and structures in Timbalier and Raccourci, and all along the beaches. His personal favorite tactic is to hit the beaches early in the morning and fish topwater baits for big trout.

“When I run along the beaches, I look for birds because it’s almost a slam-dunk there’s trout feeding right there,” he said. “And if I’m casting under the birds I’ll throw either a VuDu shrimp or double rigged beetles.”

Beach birds pay off

Cheramie said most of the time he ignores the birds because the trout under them are usually small. But when the birds are working along the beach or in the big bays near the coast, he’ll give it a shot.

“Sometimes you do real good under them, but most times you don’t,” he said.

“I don’t suppose I need to tell you to start early and quit before you have a sunstroke. August is hot and humid, and that sun is no joke.”

Cheramie is right. Even when the wind is blowing and you have plenty of light clothes on, you still need to drink plenty of fluids and don’t push your luck. The fishing is fantastic, so you should be able to catch plenty and still avoid the dangerous heat later in the day.

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